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City Church Nairobi

Nairobi Regional Blood Transfusion Center (RBTC)¬† mobile clinic will be receiving blood donations from the church faithful at City Church Nairobi in BuruBuru Ph.4. This event is open to area residents and other members of the public. Join us in saving the lives of those who need blood and blood products by giving blood. It’s safe and it saves.

Keeping Blood Safe

Processing of donated blood

After donation, blood is mechanically separated into various components

The most common components are Packed Red cells components; Platelets concentrates, Fresh Frozen Plasma, and Cryoprecipitate

These components are used in treatment of different blood disorders

Storage of blood and blood components

Whole blood (unseparated) is stored refrigerated at +2 0 C to + 60 C for up to 35 days

Platelet concentrates are stored at +20 0 C + 240 C for up to 5 days with constant agitation

Fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate are stored frozen at -20 0 C to -24 0 C for up to 3 months, -250 C to -29 0 C for up to 6 months, -30 0 C to -39 0 C for 12 months; -40 0 C to -64 0 C for 24 months and -65 0 C and below for 7 years or longer.

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